Ana Frescata


Since she was a little girl dance and fitness has been a huge part of her life. She started training ballet as a 6 year old, but moved on to Jazz dance, classic spanish style dance and oriental dance. But her passion for dance really grew when she experienced pole dance for the first time 7 years ago. “I really love the great feeling that pole dance gives you, and I decided the first moment I tried that this was something I really wanted to pursue.

Ana has been part of the pole dance scene in Portugal since 2009 as an instructor and as part of a national pole dance group.
The dance group originated from Academia de Pole Dance Lisbon, where Ana first started as a student, but quickly got noticed by the owner of the studio and was asked to start teaching sensual pole dance, both private lessons and group lessons. This work gave her a lot of experience and also served as a way to get into the pole dance show scene.