Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette Party

Our fabulous bachelorette parties consists of a workshop of your choice (“Basic Pole Dance” or Sensual Pole Dance & Floor work). You can choose between 1.5h and 2h duration. We also serve bubbles and cookies, and you can choose from lots of fantasy costumes if you want, to make the party even more exiting!

During the workshop we will make sure to take some photos of your best moves. We send this to you after we finish the class. The bachelorette will also get a diploma for “most sexy bachelorette”.

To make a reservation for the best pre party for your friends and for the bachelorette, please send us a mail now to


90 min
• Until 8 persons: 20 € p/person
• Between 9 and 16 persons: 18 € p/person

120 min
• Until 8 persons: 25€ p/person
• Between 9 and 19 persons: 23€ p/person