Classes Description



This is the beginner level where we introduce you to the most important basic techniques within pole dance so that you can advance to higher levels in a safe way, without technical errors that will hinder your improovement down the line. We teach you exhersices, poses and movements that are fairly easy, and combine them to a small choreography to demonstrate how certical dance can be. It is very important to gain strenght and flexibility and to become comfortable on the pole. This is our focus on level I. We build strenght in the core muscles as well as the arms, shoulders and back. This is fundamental in the pole dance. Every student can work alone on the pole, or you can join forces with a fellow student in order to learn from each other and spot each other.


Intermediate level. We take the technique that we learned in level I to the next level. We teach you all about points of contact and go through more advanced trick on the floor, but we are also going to go higher on the pole for poses above ground. We will teach you basic techniques for invert poses (poses upside down) and go abit into the more acrobatical side of pole dancing.

This level requires alot from your abdominal musles as well as your arms, shoulders and back. you will also start feeling that pole is demanding for your legs as well.We will combine more poses and movements than on beginner level and we will look into some ways of transitioning from one position to the next on the pole. On this level we work 2 and 2 on the pole, to ensure a safe way fore everyone to learn.


Advanced level. The movements on this level demands alot from you, both from your strenght as well as your flexibility and flow. It is very important with a lot of experience from level II to attend this level. Here we will continue with more advanced transitions from one invert to another and we start using more complicated grips, climbs, drops & locks.

This level demands technique, strenght and last but not least; 100 % dedication to the movement. We want more flow in the choreography, and show those straight legs and pointed toes all the way. We also inroduce imporvisation in groups and individual solos. Find your dancer within! We continue to work 2 and 2 together on the pole to spot each other during training, so that every student is safe during training of these advanced moves. Safety first!


This level is for instructors and students who want to compete or join us doing shows. We learn the most extreme versions of various movements to ensure a show stopping event. We work 2 and 2 together so spot eachother while processing and learning the different moves.


Welcome to a fun and effective class where we use the pole for various strength exercises that you can customize to your level. We put together simple set of moves in various ways to ensure a great  workout. This class is a great addition to your other pole dance classes or any other training. We do an hour of fitness where you work with  your body weight for a fun and safe way to get stronger.

Suitable for  all levels.


These classes are inspired by both classical and modern ballet and lyrical jazz dance. The classes are most suited for those of you who love choreography and for those who already have a little experience from Pole Dance I. We will go through how to combine different movements intoone flowing piece of art and we use the whole lesson just for dancing.

The use of soft movements and elegant combinations gives you strenght and flexibility that you will need for further levels of pole dance. We use both spinning and static pole as well as many elements on the floor to get a variety in the choreography and to ensure small artistic breaks in the more fysically demanding part of the dance; on the pole. At the end of the class we also add a small improvisation piece, eighter in smaller groups on level I, 2 and 2 on level II, and as a solo dance on level III. This is to help you get used to also demonstrating your dance and acrobatics in a confident way to any spectater, wether it be in a cometition or for friends and loved ones.


In this class we let the hair loose and bring out our sexy, sensual moves. If you want to take your pole dance to new hights, then this class is the perfect choice! Bring your favorite pair of high heels and lets work on those moves. Dancing in heels gives your movements that extra flair and seduction and on top of that; it adds to the work out! Don’t underestimate this work out! It will get you ready for that next night out on the dance floor.


In these classes we only work on the floor. We mostly use soft, sensuall and exotic movements, and we should be able to express ourselves thourg the movements. These classes are excellent for training strenght, control, flexibility and coordination.


These classes help you get more flexible and gives you a great posture. It is ment to help you reach those higher level movements of pole art and fitness.