Elizabeth killi


Elizabeth is the owner and head instructor of Poleart Dance Studios. She has a background of classical ballet and lyrical Jazz from Jorun Kirkenær Balletskole in Norway where she danced for 8 years in her early years.

Since then she got involved in various dance genres, such as street dance and hip hop, but everything changed after she first tried pole dance in 2010.

“I was blown away by this dance form and by the dancers who performed it. It combines the beautiful lines of classical ballet with the modern expression of lyrical jazz, glueing it all together with sensationally acrobatic movements and transitions often seen in gymnastic fitness. Its the perfect way of training! And I get to dance!”

Elizabeth is a certified Personal Trainer from Elixia, Certified Crossfit Trainer L1 from Hardass Fitness Hawaii, Certified Surf Instructor L1 from Austrian Surfing and ISA,  and a certified nutritional guide for optimal training results.

She is also a certified pole dance instructor from the Body And Pole Association of registered pole instructors in New York City and has worked with Poleart Dance Studios since 2011. She has attended work shops with professional pole dancers such as Marion Crampe, Natasha Wang, Bianca Satany, Lisa Szabo and Marlo Fisken.

Her focus is flowing movements, smooth transitions and challenging fun. Her classes builds up logically and usually ends up with a choreographed or improvised dance piece to selected music.

Elizabeth Killi