All courses at beginner level have something in common; we focus on the basic techniques such as spins, basic grips and floor work. We also slowly start the work on getting confident upside down, with simple headstands to the pole or the wall.

We also climb only 1 step up and keep the vertical dancing close to the floor for safety. Keep those toes pointed like a ballerina and remember to fully extend your body to elongate the working muscle and to give an expression of power and commitment. At the end of the lesson we combine the steps we learn into a simple choreography.

Our goal is to develop the performer in you, so already in beginner level we will start to divide the class into 2 groups for a small performance at the end of the class. In higher levels we divide into 2 and 2 dancers, an at the end you will be the only one dancing while the rest of the group is watching. This is a great way to build confidence and performance skills.


We continue the work from beginner level, but now its time to climb a little higher on the pole and start combining several moves into more complex transitions. We also spend more time without touching the ground and have more choreography on the pole. On this level we will begin to learn the basic invert movements which means you will be upside down on the pole. Get ready for another level of pole dancing! To ensure safety while learning these movements we also teach you how to spot your partner, so we will be working in pairs of 2 a lot.

A huge part of pole dancing is also to get used to improvisation. Our goal is to give you as many movements as possible in your dance repertoire so that you step by step can feel more and more comfortable improvising and just feeling the music. Everyone is learning and we all support each other in this fase. Get ready for fun times and to challenge yourself to let go of fears and just dance to the music.


Ready for handsprings of the floor, advances transitions, drops and locks? Advanced level aims to take the pole dancing to a more acrobatical level. We allow climbing all the way to the ceiling and work on more advanced inverts and movements that require a lot of flexibility and strength.

At this level your lines should be straight, your toes always pointed and your movements and transitions fluent. We work on slow motion choreography to really show off those poses and your capabilities on the pole. This requires a lot of strength, endurance and flexibility.

In this level we will take the improve parts do an individual level. Time to channel your inner dancer and put on a show for the other girls. We also continue on working in pairs to spot each other when we work with the invert movements. Safety first!


Master level is for instructors and dancers from the advanced level who want to join us in shows and competition training. We need more commitment from the group as we will be working to show the school in various shows. We get our inspiration from street dancers, gymnasts, parkour, ballerinas, lyrical dancers, martial arts and of course from the stars of pole dancing. Help us make show stopping choreography and have some fun while doing it. It is a great way to take your dancing to a more professional level.

We add flying transitions (letting go of the pole an re-grab it), death lay, advanced drops and falls, as well as poses and movements that requires extreme body control. Talk to your instructor if you want to join these classes. We are always looking for new talent.