Rules and Regulations



Please arrive min 10 min before your class starts. Students more than 5 minutes late, will not be able to join the class. Cancellation policy: Cancellation 8 hours before class to avoid pass being charged for the class. All students must follow the instructor’s guidelines for the use of arms. Use of rods are otherwise at your own risk. Smoking or animals are not allowed in studios. Please keep your valuable belongings with you at all times. The center is not responsible for any belongings.


Do not exercise if you are injured or in pain. Your instructor may ask you to leave the class if you show signs of stress, discomfort, illness or pain that makes you unable to complete the instruction. Do not use body lotion one day prior to the pole dance class. Body lotion makes the pole slippery and increases the risk that you may get hurt. It is the participant’s responsibility to ensure that they do not expose themselves to physical efforts that go beyond what they can do safely. They are also responsable for informing the instructors of any ilness, injury or other neccessary information that might affect you in training. If you are in doubt about your health or you are pregnant, please inform your instructor before class begins. If you are booking classes, workshops or events on behalf of others, you must check this on behalf of all participating. It is your responsibility to follow the messages from Poleart Dance Studios instructors. Poleart Dance Studios is not responsible for any damage or injury to person or personal belongings that may arise during training. Poleart Dance Studios reserves the right to exclude people from classes and events if the person is showing signs of injury or overtraining or other reasons not to attend because the risk of their own or others’ health and safety.


Our classes is designed for healthy adults. It involves activities related to choreography and acrobatics of pole dancing , such as the rise and fall of man , jumps , dances around the man , acrobatic moves upside down , depending solely on the strength and skill of the practitioner , this mode is designed to develop cardio -vascular unit , muscle strength, endurance and flexibility.

Each class begins with a warm up, stretching and ends with improving flexibility.
All activities and movements will be explained and demonstrated by the instructor in advance . Notify the instructor if there is any reason that you might have to not be able to perform any of the activities or movements that we use in the class.

All exercises involve elements of risk that can lead to bruising , fractures , sprains , burns and other injuries. This is common in the practice of such activity. It involves acrobatics and very high risk. The classes were designed to minimize risk. If you feel discomfort or pain, you should stop exercising and inform the instructor.

By participating in classes you accept our terms and guidelines for safety in the class as well as info and security points of routines that is provided and taught by instructors in ” Poleart Dance Studios ” .