We have specialised a set of classes for people in the area interested in training with us over a period of time. These classes fits all, weather you are new to dance, or you have experience from other dance forms. Get your girl friend and come to our studio for a fun and challenging work out. This is a great addition to your physical training!

We would love to help spread consciousness of the sport, and love for the art of pole fitness. We want to open peoples eyes to how this gymnastic performance dance style can be an amazing addition to your training program or a full body training all of its own. And last but not least; we want you to get strong, flexibel, confident and creative! Come train with us and start building strength to endure more advanced set of moves and learn how to create pieces of art all from your own creative spirit.

Our classes range from the basic to advanced movements of pole dance in our technical classes, to more choreography and creative movements in the lyrical and sensual classes. We also provide flexibility classes to ensure long, lean muscles, as well as floor work classes who focuses on movements on ground level. All classes combined will give you a wide range of knowledge of the art of pole fitness.

To book a class go to our “POLEART ERICEIRA” tab in the booking system of MindBodyOnline, and schedule a class that suits your level.

To know what level fits you, check our class levels. to advance from one level to the next you have to go through this with your teacher to ensure you know the things you need to know to advance.